Travelling From Johannesburg Airport

February 14, 2016

Source: Travelling From Johannesburg Airport


Travelling From Johannesburg Airport

February 14, 2016

South African Airports

The problem with all these transport options is that they drain your pockets and once you have arrived at your hotel you have no further means to get around.

You will also find numerous Johannesburg Airport car hire spots where you can hire a car for a good price. Hiring a car can be your best option for transport upon your arrival at Johannesburg, it allows you to travel at

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March 13, 2013

awesome site

Paper Crafts by Laurel

I know some of you have seen the way I am linking the supplies under each of my projects…  Yes! those thumbnails… did you ever wonder how I do it? I know many of you have emailed me and asked!!!! It’s finally time to spill the beans. Let me introduce you to a new service: Link Manager by Inlinkz! It’s a tool where you can create a pool of all your supplies and then create lists of products just by dragging and dropping, thus creating links to your supply list on your blog posts!!  Here is a short video by Kristina Werner that will walk you through the tool.

Only those with a coupon can register! So, here is a coupon you can use to register : 


This coupon will let you in for free until December! So go ahead, join and check it out!!!!

Below are…

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How to Wash Your Vehicle The Right Way

September 6, 2009

Step 1
When To Wash Your Vehicle:
The Best Times To Wash your Vehicle Are Early Morning Before The Sun Rises, At Dusk, In A Car Port, Or In The Shade. The Reason Be Is Because Of Sun Spots. These Spots Are Small Round Circles That Are Cloudy Looking All Over Your Car And Are Hard To Get Off By Washing You Usually Have To Let The Rain At Night Or On A Cloudy Day Wash Them Away.
Step 2
The Right Wash:
Most People Use Dish Liquid Or Some Other Household Cleaners. Little Do They Know Those Cleaners Eat Away The Clear Protective Coating On The Paint Which Helps Stop Rust,Oxidation,And Fading. In Order To Get The Right Safe Wash And Shine You Must Use A Car Washing Cleaner Made For Vehicles. Be Sure To Add The Right Amount To The Bucket Usually Only A Ounce Per Bucket Of Water.
Step 3
The Washing:
Once You Have Your Bucket With The Accurate Amount Of Wash And A Automotive Car Sponge Or Mit No Dish Clothes, Or Rags Those Leave Behind Scratches And Marks. Start Your Wash By Spraying The Car Completley With Just Water. Once That Is Complete Start The Wash With The Roof Of The Vehicle, Then The Windsheild, Then The Back Glass. After Washing Those 3 Sections Rinse With The Hose
Step 4
Now Wash The Hood,Trunk/Back Hatch And Spray Rinse Those As Well. Once Those 5 Sections Are Done Move Onto The Sides Starting At The Top Above The Windows Working Your Way Down From Front To Back On Both Sides. Do One Side At A Time Making Sure You Spray It Clean Once You Have Scrubed It. Now All That Is Left To Wash Is The Front Bumper And Rear. Wash Those And Spray Clean Once Section At A Time Like You Did The Whole Vehicle
Step 5
Once The Vehicle Is Clean Take The Microfiber Clothes And Wipe Off A Majority Of The Water So It prevents Any Spots Incase It Happens To Get Any. Once The Car Is Complete Now Its Time For The Tires Scrub Each Side Tires And Spray Clean One At A Time Until Finished.